Built Up Roof Repair & Installation

Built Up Roofing

A Reliable Waterproof Roofing Membrane

Built up roofing, also referred to as BUR, is one of the oldest commercial roofing techniques in the country. It’s so reliable that millions of commercial properties around the U.S. still use it to this day even after more than 100 years. BUR is a roofing system that uses what many people recognize as tar and gravel. It’s built of alternating layers of bitumen and felt to offer a waterproof roofing layer that’s made to last. At Glick Roofing Systems LLC, we’ve spent years providing the best built up roofing services in Nashville, TN. Our teams have worked with every type of commercial roof, and can design a custom BUR solution that fits the needs of your property.

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The Benefits of Built Up Roofing

Businesses and commercial property owners choose built up roofing because it’s a reliable, affordable roofing technology that lasts. Maintenance is easy to find and can be done quickly to minimize any disruption to your company or tenants.

In general, BUR is applied by heating the materials that go into the roofing membrane, which then adheres to your roof effectively. It stays in place and reflects heat, offering a good insulation layer to your building. We spend a great deal of time and resources training our team to be the best BUR technicians in the area.

Choosing a contractor to handle your BUR repair or installation is perhaps the biggest factor in getting the roof you want. Glick Roofing Systems LLC is a local roofing service provider dedicated to quality and offers professional services at great prices. For years, we’ve been the preferred BUR company in Nashville, TN. Thousands of commercial property owners rely on us to install and maintain their built up roofing systems each year.

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