Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Effective Low-Slope Commercial Roofing

Modified bitumen roofing, sometimes also referred to as modified roofing, is a relatively premium low slope roofing system that adds performance and durability. Glick Roofing Systems LLC offers a range of commercial roofing systems to property owners in the area. We can take a look and let you know whether modified bitumen roofing repair or installation is the best choice for you. Our team can design a custom roofing system at a great price and get it installed and maintained in no time. Experience the difference a premium roofing service provider can make when it comes to your property. We’ll get your more years of high performance at a great value. You’ll love the way your roof looks once we’re finished.

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The Benefits of Modified Bitumen Roofing

Bitumen is a type of reinforced fiberglass that’s added to roofing material to give your roof a greater ability to contract and expand depending on the weather. A contracting and expanding roof helps prevent cracks and tears in your roof membrane that could lead to water damage in the future. If water is allowed inside your roof, you’ll have to deal with more expensive repairs down the road. Modified bitumen roofing installation and repair keeps your roof in great shape for longer.

Our Installation Process

Are you interested in upgrading your roof to modified bitumen roofing? We have a team of technicians ready to get it done for you quickly at a great price. Our team is trained in the latest modified bitumen roofing technology to deliver the best roofing system available. Your roof will look fantastic and give your property the protection it needs. Whether you’re a retail operation or managing an office building, modified roofing is a terrific option.

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