Single Ply Roof Installation

Single Ply Roof Installation

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If you’re looking for or considering a new roof installation, single ply roofing systems could be right for you. A single ply roof installation in Nashville, TN is a great choice for businesses looking for durability, high performance, protection, and cost-effectiveness. It’s a perfect blend of value and quality that will last years and keep your commercial property looking amazing. Glick Roofing Systems LLC is the preferred singly ply roof install company in the Nashville, TN area, delivering the results you expect for your property.

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Benefits of Single Ply Roof Installation

As a property owner, you have multiple choices for your single ply roof install. The different materials each come with a different cost that’s a result of the different benefits they offer. Here are some of the single ply options we offer:

  • TPO – TPO is probably the fastest commercial membrane roofing material around. It’s an environmentally-friendly material that offers durability and high performance. Most of the industry’s single ply technological innovation is related to TPO membranes. TPO’s strength means lower overall maintenance costs throughout the life of your roof as well. It also reflects the majority of UV rays that can wear down your roof over time. We can offer you different TPO membrane thicknesses that will affect the performance levels.
  • EPDM – EPDM has been one of the most popular commercial roofing membranes for the past 50 years. It’s energy-efficient and reflective, which makes regulating temperatures easier. EPDM is also a great choice for people interested in a membrane that flexes when the weather changes. An EPDM will contract and expand depending on the temperature to avoid cracks and other damage from forming on your roof layer.
  • PVC – PVC is a durable and pliable roofing option great for restaurants, retail outlets, and other commercial buildings. One of the biggest benefits of PVC roofing is that it requires fewer seams on installation and needs less maintenance. It goes on and stays on easier.

We offer comprehensive single ply roof installation and repair services in Nashville, TN. One of our roofing technicians will come to your property to talk to you about each membrane material and help you make the best decision for your business. You’ll get the most effective mix of value and performance with Glick Roofing Systems LLC.

A great new roof, lower utility bills, and better overall property performance is just a phone call away. Contact us now at 615-265-0598 to make an appointment for single ply roof installation in Nashville, TN or to ask questions about any of our services. Our team is ready to walk you through the process and present different options based on your needs.