What is Conklin Roofing?

Conklin Roof System on Commercial Roof in TN

If you’ve been told you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to tear off your business’s roof and replace it, it makes sense to get a second opinion. If you’re doing research, you may have heard the name Conklin come up – along with some BIG promises for saving you money with advanced roofing technology. So, what is Conklin roofing? Conklin roofing is a roofing solution manufacturer that builds durable single-ply roofs and restoration coatings.

At Midsouth Roofing, we primarily use Conklin roof systems to restore badly damaged roofs – which can save approximately 50% compared to the cost of a traditional replacement. An alternative to replacement, this solution is one of the major reasons Conklin roofing has become a go-to for business owners and facility managers looking to fix damaged roofs. Keep reading to learn more about Conklin roof systems – or reach out today to get a quote to restore your roof and save 50% or more!


Conklin Roof Systems for Restoration

While Conklin manufactures a large variety of roofing materials and solutions, their roof restoration coating is the one we primarily use. In fact, Conklin restoration is the signature service of Midsouth Roofing for both single-ply and metal roofs alike.

These are the key reasons to choose Conklin roof systems for restoration:

  • 50% Savings Compared to Replacement – There are few things more important in business than margins. Saving 50% on a big project like a new roof is something that everyone can appreciate! That’s why this is the main selling point for Conklin restoration.
  • Backed by an up-to 18-Year Warranty – Not only are the cost savings unbeatable, but the restored roof will be even stronger than when it was new. We guarantee that quality with an up-to 18-year, non-prorated warranty.
  • Faster Turnaround Time – One of the reasons that restoration costs less than replacement is it takes less time to install. That’s good news for you as the work can be completed faster and more conveniently.
  • Less Disruptive than Replacement – Even the most skilled commercial roofers will sometimes require a business to close during replacement. While roof replacement can be loud, produce strong smells, and even cause debris to fall, you won’t even know we’re there during restoration – and you’ll never need to close.
  • Bonus Energy Efficiency – One added advantage with Conklin roof systems is that they come in a reflective white. A white roof coating reflects the sun’s rays, cooling the roof and vastly improving energy efficiency. While some businesses opt to have this done on its own, it’s a bonus with restoration.

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So, how exactly does restoration from Conklin roofing provide all of these advantages? The system has been designed to reinforce all the weakest points on a roof that cause leaks. Here’s how it works:

  • We reinforce all the seams regardless of the roof type
  • We protect each fastener and screwhead with a waterproof sealant
  • We reinforce the area around protrusions on the roof surface like skylights or HVAC units
  • We examine and replace flashing and drainage systems if needed
  • We coat the entire roof with an ultra-strong waterproof top coat

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Other Conklin Roof Materials

Commercial Conklin Roof System in Tennessee

While roof restoration is our preferred Conklin roof system, these roofing technology innovators also offer several other products. So, if you’re wondering what is Conklin roofing, this is the second part of that answer.

In addition to the extremely effective roof restoration solution, other Conklin roof systems include PVC membrane roof systems and TPO membrane roofs. Compared to other similar single-ply membrane roofs on the market, Conklin roofs are reported to have stronger seams and last longer before needing repair or restoration. However, Conklin products often come at a higher price point as a tradeoff. At Midsouth, we install Conklin roofs and other manufacturers’ roofs during new construction.


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Now you have answer to your question, “What is Conklin roofing?” and how their solution can possibly save you 50% compared to building a brand new roof. If you’re interested in learning if your roof is a candidate for restoration, and finding out how much you can save, reach out today!

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