Roof Restoration Cost Comparison: Is It Worth It?

Team recoating a metal roof in Tennessee

There was a time that if your roof was damaged or leaking extensively, you were facing a MAJOR capital expense — no two ways about it. There’s good news, though: roof restoration systems have changed that, providing a convenient and cost-effective method to permanently fix large-scale roof damage.

When comparing the roof restoration cost to the cost of a full roof replacement, generally restoration saves you approximately 50% on the entire project. These savings are primarily due to roof restoration requiring less labor time by eliminating the need to perform the time-consuming roof tear-off step. At Midsouth Commercial Roofing, we specialize in roof restoration for all types of flat roofs. Reach out today for a quote — or keep reading to learn more about why roof restoration has become the go-to commercial roof solution!


Roof Restoration Advantages

Commercial restoration or recoating earns serious attention thanks to the roof restoration price point alone, but there are several other practical advantages that make it a compelling choice. Based on a waterproof coating and fabric reinforcement, our recoating solutions can fix even extensive leaks and surface damage.  These are the 5 main reasons that business owners choose roof restoration:

  1. Price — The primary selling point is that the roof restoration price is 50% of the cost of replacement. This figure holds pretty consistent no matter the size of the roofing project. Simply put, since restoration is a more time-efficient solution, it costs significantly less.
  2. Results — Sometimes, the adage of “you get what you pay for” rings true. If the cost of recoating a metal or single ply roof is half as much, you might assume you get half the results. Not the case! Full roof restoration makes a roof completely leak-free and reinforced against future damage, leaving it stronger than when it was new.
  3. Warranty — These unbeatable benefits of restoration at half the price of replacement aren’t just a claim we make – we guarantee them every time. All of our restoration and recoating solutions are backed by a non-prorated, 18-year warranty that guarantees your roof will be completely free of major issues. How confident are we in our solution? The warranty is superior to the ones that often come standard with newly built roofs!
  4. Convenience — In addition to the financial benefits of re-roofing system, it’s also easier for the businesses having the work done. Unlike roof replacement, which tends to be loud and somewhat disruptive, roof restoration is quiet and produces little to no odor in the building itself. You can absolutely keep your business open during roof restoration.
  5. Added Energy Efficiency — The final way that recoating makes your roof superior to the one that was built decades ago comes from the reflective white coating. This white coating reflects the sun’s rays, keeping your building cooler and thus reducing your energy bills.

Our note on roof replacement: While the roof restoration price alone makes it our first recommendation, there are some cases where replacement is 100% the only solution. We frequently perform full roof replacement as well. See more of our roofing services.


Exploring the Cost of Recoating a Metal Roof

Our restoration solutions work on all of the most common types of roofs on the market today, including single ply, metal, and modified bitumen. Since metal roofs are particularly popular in our part of the country, it makes looking at the cost of recoating a metal roof an important part of the conversation. In the vast majority of cases, replacing a metal roof is a bit more expensive than replacing a single ply membrane – which makes the reduced roof restoration price tag even more beneficial.  Once again, the cost of recoating a metal roof will be about half as much as replacing an r-type or a standing seam roof.

Commercial roof restoration in Tennessee

Get Your Roof Restoration Price Quote

If you’re interested to learn more about whether your building is a candidate for restoration, we can help with that. The first step is to bring out one of our experts to inspect your roof. While some roofers charge for this service, we offer it free to all potential clients as it lets us get an idea of what your roof needs and what it’ll cost to fix. From there, we can give you a roof restoration price quote.

The first step is to reach out today schedule your free inspection and to get a quote!

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