Roof Restoration Vs Replacement: Price, Time, Lifespan & More

Before and after of commercial roof restoration

More than ever, business owners and facility managers are looking for alternatives to expensive full-roof tear offs. That’s where our signature roof restoration solution works to save you approximately 50% and offer real convenience. In today’s blog, we’re exploring roof restoration vs replacement – and highlighting some of the key additional benefits of our restoration system!

At Midsouth, we’re a full-service roofing company that works on ALL types of commercial roofs. While roof restoration is the solution we recommend to most clients, we are able to perform any major roof services, including full replacement. Keep reading to learn more about roof restoration vs replacement – or simply reach out today to request a FREE roof inspection!


How Long Does Roof Replacement and Restoration Take? 

If you’re considering tearing off your business’s roof, you are going to want a clear answer on how long does roof replacement take compared to restoration. While the specific amount of time depends on the square footage of your roof, we can say restoration takes approximately half as long as replacement, no matter the size of the roof.


Cost Comparison  

Commercial Roof Restoration in Tennessee

This is one of the roof restoration vs replacement benefits that convinces most of our clients. Like we mentioned above, on average, roof restoration costs about 50% as much as the cost to rip off and rebuild a roof. This is primarily due to the fact that it is a more efficient process that requires less labor. While 50% is a generally good approximation, the price can actually be less than that – particularly if the roof damage was caught early.

See our roof restoration cost comparison.


Do I Need to Close My Building During Roof Replacement or Restoration?

For most businesses, every day you’re forced to be closed, you’re losing money. When it comes to replacement, you may or may not need to close. Roof replacement tends to be loud and disruptive and can even cause some debris to fall from the ceiling, particularly during the tear-off phase. Generally, warehouses and factories are able to remain open with ease during replacement, but it can pose some challenges for restaurants or stores.

During all of our years of working, none of our clients have ever needed to close during restoration. Since restoration is quiet and unobtrusive, people sometimes forget we’re there!


Lifespan of the Work  

The stated goal of roof restoration is to build you a roof that is as good as – or better than – when it was new. A new single-ply roof will generally last about 15 to 20 years before needing major work, and our Conklin restoration follows the same timeline. We offer up to an 18-year, non-prorated warranty on roof restoration.


Is My Roof a Candidate for Restoration?

New Commercial Roof Restoration

When most people compare roof restoration vs replacement, they want to get more details on the ultra-convenient answer that helps them saves on a huge capital expense. The good news is that roof restoration works for any common roofing material. The only potential issue is that when roofs are too badly damaged or have experienced massive water damage to the sub roof may require full replacement.

Bring our team out for a free inspection of your roof to find out if your building is a candidate for roof restoration.


Request Your Free Inspection and Quote

Now you know have a better idea of the details of roof restoration vs replacement. If your roof is a candidate for restoration, you can count big savings, a quick and convenient installation process, all backed by an 18-year warranty!

If you’re ready to take the next steps, we encourage you to request a free roof installation from Midsouth Commercial Roofing. While some companies charge for this, we offer it free to every new client. You’ll find out the exact condition of your roof, what it needs, and what it’ll cost to make it right.

Reach out to schedule your consultation or ask us any questions today!

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